It's time for digital payments to go to the next level!

International leader, Worldpay, challenges you to develop the next generation of payments
within IoT. Using their open-source Worldpay Within SDK, this is your chance to really
contribute to the future of payments and make your mark on the Internet of Things!

It’s Worldpay’s first 48-hour hackathon in Romania, and we’re here to show Bucharest has a
thriving engineering community always on the lookout to build proof of concepts (POC) with new tech.
Not to mention the prize pool looks pretty good! 

Take a peek at the video highlights from their London hackathon here.

The bit about Worldpay

Worldpay is a payments company. In the two seconds it took you to read that sentence thousands of transactions were made across payments gateways that serve the global economy. They partner with more than 400,000 merchants across 146 countries and process 300 payment types in 126 currencies! That’s a data combination unrivalled in the payments market. In 2016 they processed 14.9bn transactions with an estimated value of £451.1bn.

Their international team of 5,000 colleagues operate in 25 countries and their engagement within Worldpay earned them an incredible ‘One star’ accreditation from Best Companies.

Why should I join?

> Discover and train yourself on a new IoT open-source technology: Worldpay Within - a pluggable payments agent which enables smart devices to make and receive payments.

> The chance to develop the first use cases for M2M payment. The opportunity to build your coolest POC ever with Raspberry Pi, Lego and loads of different objects.

> We think that the three areas below are a perfect fit for integrating payment in IoT, so let's dig into a couple of things
that could be done.

Smart city

A package can automatically process the payment once arrived on the client’s destination. Or when you want to charge your electric car, the connected car can make the payment based on the charging time.

To give you another example of how the Worldpay Within technology can be integrated to connected cars, check out our video.

Smart home

Your coffee machine knows exactly when it is out of cups, and will automatically place the order for new ones and proceed with the payment.

You can apply this on every product in your connected fridge (beer!). While we're at it: for those two minutes you used your coffee machine, there’s been usage of electricity.

Why not let the objects of your house pay for their actual energy consumption?

Unquestionably, you can be as creative as you want.

Smart living

Smart watches, fitness trackers, interconnected jewellery, footwear that orders and pays for pizza… the possibilities to connect our every day devices to payments are rapidly growing. What will you design that combines frictionless payments with the lifestyle choices of today?

You can also bring payments in IoT areas such as travel, tourism, gambling, retail, office, video games, digital content, etc.

And if you're a Blockchain enthusiast, you're more than welcome too.


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize




We will provide every team with one Raspberry Pi start-up kit. Additionally, there are other IoT kits and one 3D printer available onsite.

Plus, we bring you some of Lego's finest: cars, carpet and pieces to be a model for your creations.

P.S. It is a bring-your-own concept! So, if you have hardware at home you think you can use, pack it up and bring it along.


The Worldpay Within SDK specifically covers an architecture that allows for the following;

a) DISCOVER - Service discovery

b) SELECT - Negotiation / selection of service at a particular price

c) PAY - Initiation and making of a payment

d) RELEASE - A trigger that enables the service on successful payment


On top of all these resources, we have Consult Hyperion and Endava as 

sponsors for the hackathon and providing support all along.



Tinkering with hardware is your passion and making objects smart with IoT is your hobby.


We need your eye for detail, crunching skills and coding wisdom. Every language and every method helps! Rookie? Hardcore? Great with pair coding? Everybody's welcome.


If you have a keen eye for design, this is the place for you. Make a mark on the world of payment.


Got a superpower to bring to the table? Get your cape and your tights and join the team!



Register for the event


Start the engine of your brain

Once you have your invite, you'll be able to join the ideation platform (open two weeks prior to the hackathon). Here, you can start discussing ideas and use cases, asking questions of the panel of experts, and gather information and feedback before the hack begins.

There will also be two webinars to get you ready. More info to follow!


Time to meet and build


7pm - welcome

8pm - team building


Keep on hacking...

Mini-workshops throughout the day


3.30pm - final demo pitching

6.30pm - winner announcement



165 Splaiul Unirii, Bucharest, Romania

Building 2, 1st floor.

How to get there


Got a question? Don't hesitate to get in touch!


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