Worldpay, 25 Walbrook, London EC4N 8AF, United Kingdom (“The Organiser”)

organises in the City of Bucharest, a free contest without any obligation to buy,

named Payments & IoT Hackathon. The Organiser has appointed BeMyApp

Corporation, 18 BOULEVARD MICHELET 13008 MARSEILLE, as administrator of

Hackathon (“The Administrator”).

The theme of the Hackathon is:
bringing payments into the Internet of Things.


First phase

The first phase, consisting of an ideation platform (“Ideation Platform”), will permit participants to register online, submit and discuss ideas in relation to the theme of  the Hackathon with a panel of expert mentors (available during business hours) and other participants. The goal is to allow participants to adjust ideas they want to build in the Hackathon by getting feedback. On the ideation platform there will be two webinars to help participants for the Hackathon. 

Participants will be encouraged to work in teams with a maximum of 6 members and  the recommended following skill sets: developers, makers and presenters. 

The teams will be either:

1)  formed prior to the event and will attend together;

2) partially formed prior to the event, and gain
     extra members during the event;


3) fully formed during the event on the first evening
     on Friday, 3 rd November

Any prizes will be awarded to the teams, and the prize will be shared equally between

the members of that team.

The registration for and the Hackathon (together “Competition”) will be rolled out in two different phases:

Second phase

The second phase, consisting of a 48-hour Hackathon between 3 rd -5 th November 2017,  will permit participants, on-site in Bucharest, to pitch their idea, design and develop products with accessible data and technologies, in order to win a prize as decided by a jury.

Who may enter?

Participants are eligible to enter into the online registration if he/she is at least 18  years of age as at 3 rd November 2017 and agrees to accept the terms of participation.

How to register for and participate in the Competition?

>  Anyone who wants to take part in the Hackathon has to request an invite at  Eventbrite.
The Ideation Platform will open for registration on Friday, October 20 th 2017. 

>  Each selected participant will receive an invitation from the Administrator, via  email, to sign up on the Ideation Platform (registration on the Ideation Platform will only be possible by invitation). 

>  Signing up on the Ideation Platform requires an email address, name, username  and ticket type (maker, developer, designer or superpower). 

>  Registration, access to the Ideation Platform and participation in the Hackathon are  free of charge. 

>  The Organiser and its Administrator reserve the right to remove any inappropriate  or non relevant content from the Ideation Platform at any time (see details below under item “General requirements for entries and participation“).
The Administrator will inform the respective participant of such removal. 

>  The Organiser or its Administrator may prolong the Registration Period at their sole  discretion. In such case the dates of the Hackathon will be postponed accordingly. 

The Administrator will inform the registered participants in due course before such  prolongation. Neither the Organiser nor its Administrator will have any liability arising from the cancellation of the event. 

By registering on for the Hackathon, the participant agrees:

>  to abide by all the rules of the Hackathon, including any safety briefings;

>  that any photos or videos taken by the Organiser or Administrator within the course of the Hackathon may be used for future promotional, marketing, publicity and recruitment purposes without claim to remuneration. The Organiser and Administrator encourage the use of social media by participants before during and after the event, but any such usage must respect the privacy of others;

>  that by participating in the event, the participant agrees to accept liability for responsibility for its acts and/or omissions during the course of the Hackathon; and that all decisions of the Organiser, the Administrator and the jury will be final. If the participant is a winner of the Hackathon, the Organiser may use the winner’s name and image to publicise that fact;

>  that their ideas submitted to the Ideation Phase, and that any developments created during the course of the Hackathon will not include illegal, vulgar, offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate or discriminating content, nor encourage the use of controlled substances such as alcohol and drugs; and.

>  all development undertaken by them will be an original creation and will not infringe

the intellectual property of any third party.

>  The Organiser and its Administrator reserve the right to disqualify, at their sole

discretion, any participant whose submissions breach these criteria.

The Hackathon Jury

>  The jury for the Hackathon will be comprised of representatives of The Organiser  and/or partners and/or sponsors. 

>  The jury will evaluate the projects/solutions created during the Hackathon based on  the demonstration and according to the judging criteria, which are listed further below. In the event of a tie, the Jury will deliberate to determine the winner.

Progress of the Hackathon

Attending the Hackathon weekend is free of charge for the participants. Food will be  provided during the Hackathon, as well as alcoholic beverages at appropriate times during the event. The venue will be open 24/7 during the Hackathon, consequently The Participant is able to come and go as they please. The Participant should bring the necessary things when preferred to sleep on-site (sleeping bag, pillow…). 

Accommodation, bed, hotel and traveling costs are not borne by The Organiser.

However, the Organiser can assist with providing ideas for accommodation away  from the venue.

Subject to possible changes, The Organiser and
its Administrator plan the Hackathon agenda as follows:

Friday 3 rd November - Hackathon

6:30pm Opening and participant check-in

7:30pm Welcoming words

7:45pm Idea pitches

8:15pm Make a match - team building & dinner

9:00pm Code starts

Saturday 4 th November - Hackathon

9:00am Breakfast

1:00pm Lunch

7:00pm Dinner

Sunday 5 th November - Hackathon

9:00am Breakfast

1:00pm Lunch

3:00pm Hacking is over

3:30pm Demos & Q&A

5:30pm Judging

6:30pm Winners announcement


The jury will select the winners of the Hackathon according to the following judging  criteria. Each criterion is weighted equally and represents 25% of the total score: 

Creativity, 10 points

Is the concept completely new or based on something existing?
Is it targeting new  domains, new use cases?
Please consider the time and effort put into the project.

Use of the provided technologies, 10 points

How effectively does the project make use of the SDK / provided APIs / hardware and  software components? It also may be considered if developers hacked the technology to make it better (e.g. finding new usages, reporting a bug) 

Completion, 10 points

How technically complete is the project? Is the prototype working?
How complex is  the code/technique? How seamless is the user experience? 

Viability, 10 points

How effectively does the project present a compelling solution and show potential for  market viability once fully developed? How much effort would it take to make it a product? Would you buy it? 

Quality of presentation, 10 points


Prizes will be distributed as follows:

1. First prize: 9,000 LEI

2. Second prize: 3,000 LEI

3. Third prize: 1,500 LEI

The cash prize will be divided and distributed between the team members of the winning team through bank transfers within three (3) months after the end of the closing event.

Intellectual Property (“IP”)

>  Participants will retain full ownership, either solely or jointly with other members of their team (depending upon how the IP was created) of the materials and concepts they have created during the Hackathon.

Following the Hackathon:

the Organiser may use any IP created during the course of the event to publicize  information about the event and its results; 

the Organiser and the participants may discuss collaboration or commercial usage of  any IP created during the event, but neither party is obliged to do so; and where IP is created jointly by teams, any joint owner may exploit that IP without consent, but subject to the payment of fair compensation to the other owners. 

>  The Organiser welcomes contributions to the open source project, and therefore if  the delegates would like to open source their projects, by providing public GitHub repo links, the Organiser will evaluate the example, and there is an opportunity to be featured in the examples section on the Worldpay Within website.


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Building 2, 1st floor.

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